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Ficha de descripción edafológica
Its inform whether this is a modal profile.
Soil Serie to which this profile is referred.
Soil Serie symbol. Match cases.
Descripción del sitio
Tile name.
Photogram path.
Photogram number.
Sampling date.
Profile number/name.
Soil Serie phase.
Soil capability class: I a VIII.
Subclass regarding its main soil limitant.
Relative position.
Coordinate y/latitude.
Coordinate x/longitude.
Reference coordinate system.
Percentage of vegetation coverage.
Descripción de los horizontes
Labels (separated by comma) for this profile.
Soil surveyors name list (use comma as separator).
User that uploaded the profile.
The profile horizons/layers description and their lab data are public accesible, even though you do not have a user account.
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